Caring for One Another

By Jeff, Outreach Worker in Willowtree

A couple weeks ago, near the end of our Grade 1-4 Kids in Community (KIC) program one of the boys started to feel sick.  After program, we accompany the kids on the bus from Wellspring Worship Centre, the church that we hold programs, back to their home at the Willowtree housing complex. The Jr. High students wait for us at the Willowtree bus stop and we take the bus to Wellspring together for their Jr. High program, Youth Extreme.

On this particular day, I needed to talk to one of the parents who lived next to the bus stop so I told the sick boy (who lives on the other side of the community) to sit down in the shade and I would come back to walk him home in a few minutes. As I came back, the boy was not there. One of the Jr. High girls came up to me and told me not to worry and that they saw that the boy was really sick, so they made sure he got home safely right away!   

It did not even seem like the Jr. High students were paying any attention to the sick boy and I had not asked them to do anything but it was cool to see how much compassion and care they showed towards the boy day. I am thankful for seeing children and youth who help one another!