Mutual Encouragement

By: Jeff Barker - Outreach Worker in Willowtree

that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith. - Romans 1:12

One of the ways that I have seen God at work each summer that I have worked with TCM is the way that the kids develop a love for the new leaders and vice versa. The new leaders and the kids at camp are committed to get to know one another over 7 weeks through spending time together and doing activities together. It is amazing to hear both kids and leaders share how they have been impacted or encouraged and how much they value the relationships that they have built.

I really see God in this because I get to hear about how both kids and leaders are being encouraged in their faith by one another. Whether that encouragement comes from watching how God is working in one another's lives or through the relationship they have built with one another it is cool to see how God is so present in our lives at camp and how he is working in each of us. I have been really encouraged in my faith through my time at Willowtree both through watching how God is working in people's lives and through relationships with children and youth and it is exciting to hear about other people experiencing the same thing as well!